Why AP Tests Are Worth It

The second semester of the school year always seems to be more busy compared to the first mainly because of tests. AP tests are an example of what students have to prepare for during this semester, and there is always talk about whether these tests are worth the time and stress or not.

With the deadline to sign up for AP testing coming to an end just next month, students have strengthened their views on it. There are a variety of reasons behind why AP tests are significant to students.

Erika Nguyen, ‘20, who is in her first year being in an AP class, said, “I am going to take AP tests hopefully to pass and earn the college credit.” If you pass an AP test on a certain subject, most colleges acknowledge it. It allows you to go to university without repeating the course, since there is already credit from the AP test. Nguyen concluded that AP Bio, the class she is currently taking, is beneficial for her because she has interest in the field of science. To many students, AP classes are taken with interest of the subject and the tests are basically a bonus that can be taken for the college credit.

When asked for the reasons why students take AP classes in general, Jace Jasso, ‘19, who is currently in three, said, “ I take them [AP classes] for college applications and a GPA boost. AP classes help colleges understand that you can take a rigorous course and the GPA boost helps colleges classify you as a good student.”

There are many benefits that come with taking AP courses, and the GPA boost and an acknowledgment from universities you apply to are just a few of the many.

Overall, the difference between an AP class and regular class is very evident.

Destiny See, ‘18, who is a senior and has had a long experience as an honor and AP student said, “[AP classes] allows students to experience the atmosphere of a college course and see if they are able to keep up the pace and the information presented.” One of the major purposes in advanced placement classes is to give students a chance to experience and get prepared for college. Because of this, the amount or type of work given to students to do is more difficult compared to classes that are not AP. See shared her thoughts of the work given in the classes and said, “I can’t complain about having an abundant amount of homework from time to time because teachers give us time to complete it and are flexible.”

AP classes come with AP tests, and the choice to take them are completely in the hands of students. Most AP students have agreed that the tests are highly beneficial for their futures. If you are an AP student deciding whether or not you want to take the test or not, there are many things to consider, but trying it wouldn’t harm your academic career. One AP test is being paid for by the district, as well, which takes away the stress of paying the $95. The deadline for applying ends on Thursday, March 22nd, at 3:30 p.m. For more information, contacting your counselor is recommended.

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