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CSF Membership Drive

Every year CSF members are required to get an official transcript of their grades to be able to qualify for CSF. Last semester Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors were the only students able to sign up for CSF.

This semester freshmen are able to sign up for CSF with their semester one grades. Transcripts this year were handed out in English classes by Counselors when they came in to talk about next years registration. Freshman through Juniors were able to use those transcripts for applying instead of getting one from the office. Seniors, however, had to go into the office and sign up to get a transcript.

Drew Stogsdill, ’18, said “It was pretty easy. I didn’t have any problems this year. I get my transcript from the sign up sheet in the office and I pick it up from the office lady.” Drew is a 4 year member.

Katie Allen, ’19, said ” The counselors came to us this year to hand us our transcripts. The office becomes very busy and takes till the last minute to get you your transcript.”

The office becomes busy during the time of the CSF Drive due to so many students having to get a transcript to qualify.

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