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Four Year Musical Students Take Their Final Bow

This year’s Redwood High School drama department is performing Seussical the Musical and this year’s cast consists of a large number of seniors who have been performing in every musical since their freshman year. Seussical the Musical is no easy performance considering it consists of pure singing and little to no breaks in between but to this year’s cast, it’s a challenge that is definitely fun.

Performing is a huge part of many of these senior’s lives and it’s something that they love.  Julia Galvan, ‘18, who plays the leading role Cat in the Hat, said, “I started Theater when I was five years old. My first musical ever was Jungle Book in 2005. Performing with people you’re close with is such an amazing experience.”

Kenneth O’Leary, ‘18, plays Horton in Seussical, and is happy to perform on stage, “I just really enjoyed being a part of the musicals. Performing is very fun for me and doing it every year was just what I did. I didn’t really think much of it! The Redwood Drama Program is the best.”

Laurie Werner, ‘18, plays a bird in Seussical, and has been on stage since she can remember, “I’ve been on stage since I was three performing in Christmas pageants and dancing. I have been doing musicals since I was 8 years old. My first musical was Anne, with League of Christian Actors and I have absolutely loved [being] part of a family who are so passionate about something bigger than ourselves.”

Drew Langer, ‘18,  “Performing might be something I was to do after high school because I’ve been performing my whole life from musicals to dance, to singing and I can’t imagine my life without it.”  

A similar story to this is Heather Clegg, ‘18, who plays a kangaroo in Seussical, “My first musical ever was High School Musical in 8th grade, but I’ve been dancing since I was five years old, so I was in alot of dance shows and plays. Performing has always been a part of me since I can remember. Performing is something I can be my complete self. Whenever I don’t do a show, I feel lost.”

Even though these seniors have been performing since freshman year, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been performing in musicals/plays all their life. Many of them fell in love with performing on stage early as middle school such as Caleb Minnick, ‘18, who plays General Genghis Khan Schmitz in Seussical, said, “Back in 7th grade my friend suggested that I do the spring show at Green Acres Middle School…and I’ve never done it (acting), I was just a band kid. I’ve never done choir or dance, and then I got one of the lead roles in the show, and after that I’ve been doing choir and doing shows every year. It’s a really fun experience.”

It also means they don’t necessarily want to perform after high school, some want to pursue something off stage such as Bryce Huckabay, ‘18, who plays Mr. Mayor in Seussical, said, “Performing is not what I want to be doing after high school. I aspire to be a director.”

Also, Haley Ball, ‘18, said, “After high school, I wish to be a makeup artist for shows and large theatre companies.”

Anyone can perform on stage, it just takes a little nudge to take the steps of being a performer, whether it’s acting, singing, dancing or any other entertainment. Gracie Commings, ‘18, has been performing since she can remember and this year, she plays Gertrude McFuzz in Seussical, and she said, “My advice for people who want to perform on stage is just go for it and do what makes you happy.”

Felicia Trevino, ‘18, said, “If you want to perform on stage, just go for it! Be yourself because when you’re on stage, that fear goes away and you end up having fun.”

Performing on stage takes a lot of work but also interpreting the shows is too. Brianna Ramos,18’, Sarah Redden, ‘18, and Alexandria Zermeno, ‘18, have been ASL interpreters for Redwood’s musicals since freshman year and the Drama department couldn’t have an amazing show for everybody to enjoy without them.

This year’s cast consisted of 17 seniors who have been a part of Redwood High School Drama Program since their freshman year and these amazing performers are: Laurie Werner, ‘18, Andrew Thornburg, ‘18, Julia Galvan, ‘18, Drew Langer, ‘18, Gracie Commings, ‘18, Haley Ball, ‘18, Heather Clegg, ‘18, Devin Craycraft, ‘18, Caleb Minnick, ‘18, Felicia Trevino, ‘18, Marcus Olivas, ‘18, Bryce Huckaby, ‘18, Kenneth O’Leary, ‘18, Kvontei Campbell, ‘18, Brianna Ramos, ‘18, Sarah Redden, ‘18, and Alexandria Zermeno, ‘18. Thank you all for your dedication to Redwood’s Drama Program.

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