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FBLA: The Tradition Continues

FBLA, an acronym that stands for Future Business Leaders of America, is a club at Redwood centered around learning the basics of business. This club helps Rangers have a stronger understanding of directing a business, and the club teaches the right way to deal with those types of opportunities in the future.

Club members have competitions where they compete against other leaders by taking a test in their area of expertise. To help prepare for the tests, the club has begun to have study sessions. The study sessions are being held in Mr. Avila’s room 74, in the business building. FBLA members can go at lunch or after school on Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Ely Garcia, ‘18, is the FBLA club President. Garcia said the study sessions are a place for students who are competing come to study or hang out with friends. Garcia said,  “Our primary focus is to study for their actual event, most of the time they’re are on the computer studying. Competing, we have around 120 members, but in the study sessions we hardly ever get close to that number.” Last year the Redwood FBLA club placed first at sweepstakes, despite the empty study sessions.

Madeline Marshall, ‘21, is a first year FBLA member and enjoys going to the lunch study sessions. Marshall likes the atmosphere created in the sessions because everybody is studying and helping others. Marshall said, “They are going really good! In FBLA a lot of the kids are independent workers and they’re really studious so they get their work done.” She goes on to say, “FBLA is a really big club, some people come some days, some others. It’s really important to study for your events when competition comes up, you want to be prepared.”

Jonathan Zamora, ‘18, who has been attending the lunch and after school study sessions, feels as though they really help kids who are going to compete in the next section conference. Zamora said, “We have all of our [FBLA] members come and hang out. It’s a really friendly environment where we encourage each other to study a bunch of different materials for all of our events.”  Zamora feels like the study sessions help reinforce what the members already know and give returning members a chance to help new members learn the materials.

Jessica Abarca, ‘21, is another first year FBLA member and mostly goes to the sessions during lunch with Marshall. Abarca is studying for the Intro to Business event that is solely for 9th and 10th graders. Abarca said, “We basically hang around and study. It’s a good time. I’d say around 30-40 people go. They give us tests to prepare and if you’re around people who are in your event you can study with them.”

FBLA is an amazing opportunity for students who want to be active in business to prepare for their college majors and adult tribulations. The students in the club are getting ready for intensive tournaments where they hope to bring home another win for Redwood!

Written By Kaleah Syvirathphan and Annabelle Williamson

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