Check In: Speech and ASL

Two new electives, Speech and ASL, started at the beginning of the school year. As students are signing up for their new classes, many that are already in them have a lot to say on why these classes are a great idea to take.

Tania Jiroudi, ‘19, is taking Speech this year. Jiroudi wanted to take speech to help with her competitions in FBLA. Jiroudi said, “I’m also a really social person so I thought this would be a good class for me to take.” Jiroudi is very interested in public speaking. Jiroudi said, “I definitely think that my public speaking has gotten better because of this class.” It’s not only Jiroudi’s public speaking that has gotten better, but also her communication with others. Jiroudi wants to continue speech classes if there were a more advanced class for public speaking.

Christopher Yang, ‘18, is taking Speech this year. Yang wanted to take Speech because he needs help on his competitions for FBLA. Yang said, “I wanted to develop my speaking skills as much as I can, so I’m more confident.” Yang’s biggest struggle was his confidence, but this class has improved his skills so much. Speech has helped him control what he is talking about and staying on the point. Yang said, “The most exciting part about speech is constructing my speeches.”

Cameron Dupuy, ‘21, is taking ASL this year. From what Dupuy has learned, he can help teach his friends. Dupuy said, “I would rather continue with sign language rather than Spanish and French because I want to do something in the future with it.” Dupuy’s favorite part was being able to communicate in a different way and making new friends through the class.

Jessica Madruga, ‘18, is taking ASL this year. Madruga said, “My favorite part about ASL is learning about the culture.” Madruga’s least favorite part is having to take the tests because they can get confusing. Madruga likes the substitute that they’ve had because the sub knows ASL very well. Madruga said, “When we don’t have a sub, it’s very hard.”

ASL and Speech are great classes to take to explore different branches of learning and to experience different talents that you could achieve.

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  1. A huge thanks for highlighting my elective. I appreciate it very much. 🙂

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