New Desks On Campus

Today, Monday, January 29, during first period, the final stage of the school-wide desk modernization took place at Redwood High School. Over the course of 3 years, the whole district will be granted new desks and updated furniture for the older classrooms.

The business classes were granted their new desks today so they had to clear the room for the movers. The workers brought trucks full of the new equipment to build the desks at Redwood making sure they all fit in the classrooms perfectly.

The old wood desks were becoming lopsided and sticking out to be a bother for teachers and students. The new smooth surface tables are easier to use with computers and big enough for multiple people each. Some rooms also received the single student desks as well which look more present-day than the old ones.

Matt Shin, Redwood principal, led the workers around to help with the placement of the desks. He told me that the district purchased all of the furniture for “new modernization.” Redwood was the first school to receive the new desks, being the oldest school in the district so they are first priority.

Kiah Green, ’21, told me that she personally doesn’t like the new setup of the desks in her Video class because they force more people around them and everyone may become squished together. She’s curious to see how class goes for the rest of the year with the new change of the classroom.

On the other hand, Mr. Avila, FBLA advisor and business teacher, is eager to be given his new desks today because he feels it’s time for a new change and the students deserve better desks to work with in their classes. He’s very grateful for the new gift from the district.

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