Welcome Mr. Campbell and Ms. Bridges!

It’s second semester and everyone’s schedules are being changed. Mr. Campbell and Ms. Bridges are new teachers here at Redwood. Mr. Campbell is a math teacher who is starting his first year teaching at a high school. This is Ms. Bridges’ first teaching job after getting her Bachelor’s Degree.

Ms. Bridges teaches senior English on the first floor of Ranger Hall. Ms. Bridges said, “I am loving Redwood, the students, and the fellow teachers. Everyone is very welcoming and I am very happy to be here.” Ms. Bridges has taught in the Fresno area, and she says the Redwood atmosphere is very different. Ms. Bridges said, “Redwood tends to be a tighter community. Students are very involved in their school whether it be through athletics, the newspaper, or through anything else.”

Ms. Bridges recently finished her credential this past semester and received her Bachelor’s Degree in English in 2014. She then moved on to get her Master’s Degree in 2016. Ms. Bridges said this job is a very good first opportunity, especially since she just came out of school herself.

Alyssa Ramirez,’18, has Ms. Bridges for English. Ramirez said, “She is definitely different from other teachers, but she is starting to fit into Redwood. We’re helping her with getting to know the town and her surroundings; so far she is a cool teacher, but it’s a different teacher we haven’t had yet.”

Ramirez thinks Bridges is a bit more strict than most teachers because she has very tight schedule. Ramirez added, “She is pretty good with adapting to her new surroundings at Redwood and her teaching is something that we are trying to get used to.”      

Mr. Campbell, who is an Integrated Math I teacher, started working at Redwood after coming from a middle school. Since he started after winter break, there are no empty classrooms available to teach in. Mr. Campbell is inconvenienced and has to switch classrooms four periods out of the day. He travels across the vista campus, and into other teachers’ rooms during their planning period, taking all of his stuff with him.

Mr. Campbell states his opinion on the matter, “Hopefully later on, I get my own classroom because it’s hard going from room to room and then making sure that you have everything.” Mr. Campbell continues to tell us that the people whose rooms he teaches in are very generous with their space.

With Mr. Campbell coming from a middle school, he begin to tell us how Redwood compares. Mr. Campbell said, “The students are a lot calmer than I’m actually used to so that’s good… It’s a lot better, the students here seem to be more focused. The kids in middle school aren’t very focused at all.” Mr. Campbell is enjoying Redwood so far.

Monica Aviles-Mercad, ‘21, is a student in Mr. Campbell’s class. Aviles said, “I think he’s a really great teacher. His teaching style is very different, he provides more notes instead of online websites. He’s very helpful with things we don’t understand during class and after.” Although this is Campbell’s first high school class, Aviles said he’s a natural.

As new teachers who’ve just come from different lifestyles, they are trying their very best to accommodate to Redwood’s community. Mr. Campbell and Ms. Bridges are very qualified teachers who deserve our utmost respect and praise.  

Written by: Annabelle Williamson, Kaleah Syvirathphan, and Leah Navarro

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