Should Redwood Shut Down Powerschool During Breaks?

Students are constantly worried about grades. So much stress, worry, and energy goes into them, so why wouldn’t the way in which we view them be efficient? Should the grade book be closed off to students during breaks? Or should they stay open so students like you and me can stay on top of school work?

Looking at this up front, it looks like a bad idea. But if you weigh the positives and negatives, you can see it is definitely more practical than you think. Being stressed out over break about grades is horrible, and that is the very reason to lock them. Mr. Miller recalls a student emailing him over break, on Christmas day! This particular student was more stressed about their grade and couldn’t focus on spending time with their family. 

Closing down the gradebook over long breaks takes away the anxiety that students build up over break. Not only does this benefit students, it also provides as relief for the teachers as well. As a student I know that time away from school is precious and needed; teachers need this as well. If I were a teacher I sure would want time away from non-stop grading and dealing with teenagers. Taking away powerschool over break for teachers gives them a time to finally relax and not worry about turning in grades and answering questions.

Logan Hevener, ‘20, said, “It isn’t a good idea because I think it’s important to know my grades at all times.”

And I agree, knowing your grades at all times is important. Although, seeing that other schools such as Palo Alto High School have had such good success with this, maybe Redwood should try it as well?

The biggest counterargument would be that it actually cause more stress to not have grades posted. Not seeing your grades for a whole break, which can be up to 3 weeks, can be more stressful than not seeing them at all. Anxiety builds up and the students would not be able to do anything.

Anxiety and all, I feel as though our school should adapt to this crazy idea of shutting down the gradebook.

Sydney Somavia, ‘21, said, “I always look at my grades and I’m always stressing. But if I couldn’t look at them, I wouldn’t worry about it.”

And this is the very reason to get rid of them. Once students accept that they could not see their grades, they would move passed it and enjoy their break.

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