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Apple Music vs Spotify

Spotify vs. Apple Music

Apple Music made a debut about a year ago to Apple users. The Apple Company was so confident about the new product that they gave all users who signed up a 3 month free trial.

Both Apple Music and Spotify are evenly matched in terms of prices. Both are $9.99 per month, per single account and a few weeks ago $14.99 for a family account with up to six users. Apple offers a student discount for using Apple Music for only $4.99 for college students. Apple music is ad free with an individual account. While Spotify you have to pay extra for premium, which is ad free.

Apple Music is available in 113 countries while Spotify is available in 60. Both Spotify and Apple Music offer radio services within the app for users. With Apple Music you are able to search up any song and add it to your library, although there are some newer songs that are not available yet.

Angel Vargas, ’19, said he prefers Spotify because of the songs that are available within the library. Vargas has never used Apple Music because he feels Spotify has more creditability when it comes to online music. Vargas thinks Spotify could better themselves by updating their library with new songs.

John Vega, ’19, said, “Apple music is great because they get a lot of new music before other apps. I have used Spotify to listen to some playlists my friends have made. I think Apple Music should make it where it doesn’t pause when I’m on Snapchat. One thing that is good about Apple Music is that almost every song is on there.”

Each app has its highs and lows. The biggest deal breaker is pricing and songs available to users. So, whether you choose Apple Music or Spotify, keep price in mind, and also remember that both apps are pretty reliable when it comes to listening to music.

Written by: Mackenzie Potts and Tyler De Asis

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