Redwood’s Varsity Women’s Soccer Dominates Diamante

On Friday January 5th, Redwood Women’s Varsity Soccer team played against El Diamante at the American Cancer Society fundraiser game. Redwood came out with a 5-0 win, Evan House, ’20, with 3 goals, and Payton Basso,’20, with 2 goals.
This game had most of the teammates nervous, going into the game thinking of the green school being big competition, but the girls also went in with high energy and intensity ready for the game.
Alondra Sanchez, ‘20, says, “I am usually super nervous before every game, especially against El D, so I had a lot of butterflies running through my stomach”.
Savannah Travis, ’20, goalie of the team, played with great defense with five saves, never letting a single goal happen. Travis says, “Tonight we played as a real united team. We communicated really well, connecting all our passes, and following through with our shots, which is the ideal recipe for success.”
Lexi Contreras, ’18, a four year member of the varsity team and a captain, knows how high the exceptions are to win the league championship for the 7th year in a row. Contreras says, “ I thought it was our best game yet. Our energy was high and we knew what was at stake. I think as a team, we need to work on keeping our intensity the entire game, and not lose any tempo as we go into the second half. Other than that I believe we played really well as a team tonight.”
The Ranger girls had scored 4 goals before the first half had even ended. Evan House, ‘20, says, “I couldn’t have scored without the support of my team and the midfielders who passed me the ball.”
Jill Nelson, ‘19, another captain of the varsity team, says, “We played great as a team, probably our best game to date. We played smart and aggressively, and kept our high intensity which allowed us to work hard till the last whistle of the game was blown.”
The girls varsity soccer team is 4-0 in league right now, they hope to come out of league undefeated and to win WYL for the 7th year in a row.
Redwood’s Women’s varsity soccer team is currently 4-0 in the league, and hope to come out this year undefeated, and win the WYL Championship for the 7th year in a row.




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