Youtuber Logan Paul Mocks Suicide, Gets Huge Backlash from Online Community

A popular Youtuber named Logan Paul decided to post a video of his trip to the Aokigahara, the infamous suicide forest of Japan, located at the base of Mount Fuji. He filmed the body of a man, believed to have taken his life, to which him and his friends found and joked about. The video has since been taken down but people were very quick to react. Other Youtubers were already filming videos in response, talking about how terrible and disrespectful the whole situation was.

Youtube had also been to blame after they put Paul’s video among the top trending videos. This caused even more problems for Youtube since they had not demonetized or age restricted his video after its uploading, let alone delete the video off the site immediately. Only after the brutal response of the audience did Youtube delete the video.

Daniela Carlos, ’21, a freshman at Redwood felt that Paul had no right to post something so personal and private onto the internet for millions of people to see. She had the chance to actually watch the video before Youtube deleted it and said, “Logan Paul had no right to film someone who took their own life, for views. He still had a choice to post it for he could’ve blurred it all out, not only the person’s face. I believe that people are right to make videos about this because situations like this should not be dealt with quietly.”

Sierra Dismuke, ’21, thought his video was triggering and shouldn’t have even been allowed on Youtube at all. Dismuke said, “It caused a lot of disrespect to the family, Youtube’s site as a whole, and their audience. Logan Paul claims his true intention was the prevent suicide but the way he recorded it and laughed about it was just wrong. It’s obvious Logan did this for views because he has a large following. I don’t even know how to respond about Youtube’s part, it’s disturbing content, they should strengthen their demonetizing rules for the sake of their audience. The Paul brothers will literally do anything for views to gain their fame, it’s true that they’ve got a good thing going for them but there’s people like me who don’t agree with that”.

Following the global response towards Paul’s issue, Youtube has announced that it will cut some ties with vlogger Logan Paul. His channel will be removed from Google Preferred, a platform where brands sell ads on the top 5 percent of content. Paul has also been removed from the Youtube comedy series “Foursome”. This response came 11 days after Paul’s video was posted, December 31st.   

Shauna Orandi, ‘21, was rather adamant and excited to voice her opinion on Logan Paul. Orandi said, “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to go out of your way to make a video and disrespect the family and the person who passed. To make a mockery of it is just disgusting. It sets the wrong message for Suicide prevention, what if kids think this is what they can do to be on a popular YouTube channel or become a trend. I strongly dislike the Paul brothers on Youtube.”

Orandi also stated that Logan Paul is a popular youtuber who gets millions of views daily. With the stance he has on Youtube, it would make sense for him to be respected because of it, even though the act was completely out of line.

We both, personally, feel the same about this popular issue on the internet. It was inappropriate and he had no common sense to even decide to post that on the internet. Children watch YouTube and Logan Paul himself, how ignorant is Logan Paul to not even think of the consequences? One part of the video that was truthful was the fact that people cope with things differently, for example they laugh, but they don’t have bad intentions as it may seem, it’s their natural response. What Paul said is true for a lot of people, but he still could’ve had the decency to respect the family and the deceased.


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