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The Last Jedi Movie Review

Since the new star wars: The Last Jedi movie came out there has been a controversy on whether the movie was up to par with the others.

Julia Galvan, ‘18, says, “I liked the majority of it [the movie] but there were some parts that I did not like.”

Many people have found flaws with new movie that have led to some heated discussions. For example, Oscar Isaac has stated in interviews that he plays Poe as having a crush on Finn. Many people believe that this has not been addressed in the movies because the produces do not want a LGBT character.

Evelyn Williamson, ‘20, tells us her opinion on the matter. “There’s a lot of social media that wants Finn and Poe to be together so I think it would be a good idea to make that character.” Williamson continues and says that she does not think the the franchise will introduce this type of character but hopes that they will. Galvan continues on the idea, “I like that idea… it broadens and gives more to the audience and more to relate to.”

With questions arising of whether the movie was paced well, as it was slow through the middle. Sebastian Ocampo, ‘21,  thinks that the movie was very well paced, as he is a big starwars fan, he did not find any flaws within the movie.

Although there are flaws in the movie, many people looked past the flaws and still loved the movie.

Galvan says that she hopes in the next Starwars movie that Rey will train a new generation of Jedi, or that Rey and Kylo Ren will end up being on the same team for good. “The most surprising part of the movie was when Kylo killed Snoke, like I just did not see that coming. I was thinking oh my gosh that just happened!”

Williamson says “I think there was a lot of character development between Kylo Ren and Finn” She then adds that she thinks that in the next Starwars movie that it will solve the rest of the problems that this movie did not solve.

Ocampo says, “I really like the movie, it was really dope.” Ocampo said that there were a lot of characters getting injured and dying that it left him on the edge of his seat

Overall there are arguments for both sides but people seem to be evenly split.


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