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Do We Still Need Feminism?

Feminism is a social movement that fights for women’s rights and the equality of all sexes, but not many people believe in this movement anymore. In this day in age, should society focus on feminism or in other words, do we still need feminism? Society has changed, including what feminism is to many people; both feminists and anti feminists have different ideas of what feminism is and why we do or don’t need it.

There are supporters that strongly believe in feminism and want feminism to be a big part of our society. One place that feminism thrives is on our own campus, Redwood High School, at the Feminist Perspective Club. The advisor of the Feminist Perspective Club and the US H

istory teacher,  Mr. Cazares, is an advocate for feminism. “The need for feminism or any sort of system that regulates or brings equality is always going to be needed whether it’s people of color, or people of age group, you’re always going to need some sort of system that is going to either protect or stand up for something.”  He continues on saying that young adults who believe in the ideas of feminism but don’t want to join the feminist movement, “I think there’s a big fear with labels especially for something like feminism. There’s a big fear that you’re going to be seen as some people deem feminists as feminazis.”

Some students on our campus are proud to be called a feminist and supportive of the movement. One specific student, Ibris Jaimes, ‘18 is the president of the Feminist Perspective Club, and encourages students to join the Feminist Perspective Club, even if they were not sure it is a place for them. “I am a feminist because my freshmen year, I heard about Feminist Perspective and I didn’t know what feminism was so I joined and it helped me get involved with the school and the community.” She wants people to know that being feminist doesn’t mean you are automatically a feminazi. “I feel like people are still stuck on the ideas of old feminism and how it all started because when it started they really had to be against men because that’s who they had to stand up to, but now that is not the definition of feminism.”

Not everyone supports feminism and their ideas. Anti feminists are people who don’t support the notion of feminism. Many anti feminists believe that either feminism is not heavily needed, many of the ideas have become radical, feminism is not rightfully represented or in many cases all of the above.

Brian Fernandez, ’19, is an open anti feminist and strongly disagrees with feminists, “ I will never be a feminist because everything feminists are fighting for is for women…They have nothing to do with men at all. Feminism was heavily needed early on in history but not in today’s modern society…in today’s age, we do need feminism but not in America. I want to see feminists fight…for the people in countries where women, gays and other groups of people who are killed for no reason but for thinking different.” He also wants to see feminists fight for men as heavily as they do for women, “In the United States the suicide rates, homicide rates violent crime, homeless rates, serving prison time, rape and even prosecution rates are all higher towards men. Men are less likely to go to college and there are even programs that help women go to college but not men.”

Women can also be anti feminist and that does not mean they hate their own sex or don’t support female empowerment, or even equality between the sexes. As a female, not being labeled as a feminist is usually unheard of during this modern time, especially with current events. I do believe in equality of the sexes and female empowerment. However, when I was learning about feminism, I was taught the radical ideas of feminism so that was one of the reasons why I didn’t want to be part of that group. I am not against what the movement once stood for. I’m only against what it has become. I personally don’t want to be part of a group that has in some ways become one sided.

Even though feminists and anti feminists have different viewpoints of modern feminism, both groups can agree that they want to see change happen in our world. For better or worse, change is needed in today’s society, even if that means supporting, changing or discarding feminism.

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