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What’s Your Resolution?

Many people start out the New Year with a resolution. Whether they want to be better students or be a tidier person, their resolution is to get a new habit in the New Year. Most students hope that they can keep their resolution for the entire year, but some think it’s going to be difficult.

Kellie Montemayor, ‘20, hopes for the new year to bring better studying skills. “I want to start the year successful and have high academics.” She hopes to keep her resolution for the rest of the year. Montemayor thinks that resolutions are a good way to start the new year. Past resolutions she has tried were to get more involved and be around more people.

Halle Arrellano, ‘19, wants to be more on top of school work in 2018. “I think I will last until about a month before finals.” Arrellano likes to start the year with a resolution because it’s a good way to get a fresh start. “I’d like to have a clean slate for the new year.” This is Arrellano’s first year to try and start the new year better.

Jessica Neipp, ‘21, wants to be more flexible for dance. She thinks she will be able to keep her resolution for the whole year because she feels motivated to do so. “I hope my new habit will last until I stop dancing.” Neipp thinks that new year resolutions are good way to start the year. “If you stay on the same route the rest of your life, you’re never going to try anything different.”

New Year Resolutions are a great way to start your 2018 year off with a new habit or a goal to be better. It’s never too late to start your New Year’s Resolution.

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