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Coco Movie Review

The Coco movie was released November 22,2017. The movie is about a little boy named Miguel who loves music and has a passion for it. He realizes that he has a great-grandfather that his family never mentioned and one day saw that some of the picture was folded. He looked at it closely then notices his great-grandfather had a guitar and enjoyed music as much as he did. His family never mentioned his great-grandfather to him because he left his wife and his young daughter to become a musician. They prohibit Miguel to play music so he thinks of a plan. He goes on an adventure to the Land of the Dead to earn his blessing but things don’t go as planned.

The movie is definitely recommendable to anyone and I enjoyed watching it. The whole movie overall was very entertaining and it was very impressive. I loved the way Miguel took many risks to get where he was at the end of the movie. It had many different happy parts but also many sad and emotional ones. I liked the way there were many songs in the movie and all were new songs that they made especially for that movie.

The series of the events of the movie were very interesting and this is a movie that I will want to continue watching once in a while. Before seeing this movie I didn’t know that by the end of it would become my all time favorite movie. There were many different characters and all had a part in the movie. They came out every once in a while and I think watching it in 3D also made it more interesting for me as well. This movie is definitely worth watching and is an amazing movie to pass up on.

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