Is the Hero System Still Effective?

Halfway through the year, it seems like hero points aren’t the most effective reward system for Redwood. In the beginning of the year the establishment of the Hero system stirred up a lot of attention among students, teachers and administration. People began to work harder than usual because of the various prizes that the school gives in return for hero points. However, about a month ago, every student in Redwood lost all of their points and instead got 50 for the new grading period.

This action made caused much controversy. For the people who had less than 50 before the boost, they were very happy with the points they received, for they didn’t even have to try to earn them. In other words, they got extra points for merely doing nothing. However, many students were infuriated and mad that all their hero points had disappeared after their hard work. There were a few students that had more than 100 points, but lost more than 50 points. Nevertheless, there must be a reason for all of this. The school realized that resetting students’ points would caused mixed emotions, but what was the whole point of doing it in the first place? Is there some rule that is now being put in place?

The main purpose of this point reset is that they need to balance out everyone’s point balance. Since there are students who are overachieving and constantly getting points, as well as those students who don’t try, balancing out the points may cause more students to be interested in getting points. Instead, it seemed like even more students are getting uninterested in this program after losing all their hard work and progress. Hopefully the school fixes this and return their points back to those students who had more than 50 points this year. Those students who don’t deserve 50 points can still have this amount, because they may feel encouraged to work harder in exchange for multiple prizes from the school.

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