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Clubs and What They’ve Been Up To

Although the first half of the year is almost over, Redwood’s clubs are not letting that stop them from continuing with their schedules. This week there were many last club meetings of the semester, including, CSF, Asian American Alliance, and Paws for a Cause.

This past Tuesday, a CSF meeting took place. CSF is well-known as the club with the highest amount of members, and they prove this with every meeting. Dozens of students attended and the band room was filled to the brim. The officers of the club discussed about the results of community service and volunteering events, the membership drive, however, the main topic was on senior scholarships.

CSF is a club focused on giving back to the community. The club has done numerous community service activities this semester, including a book drive, coin collecting for Valley Children’s hospital, and a Fall Food drive. Currently, the club’s main project is a Holiday $10 Gift Certificate drive. By collecting $10 from club members who offer, the club will be giving back the gift certificates to Redwood’s own rangers who are not fortunate enough to have money for the holidays.

Senior scholarships information forms are due this month, on the 15th. See Ms. Cheatwood in room 108 for more information. The CSF state Michelson Award applications for seniors are also due this month on the 22nd, go to to apply.

And finally, since the semester is nearly over, club members have to reapply for the second semester and see if they still qualify to be in CSF or not; the forms can be turned in anytime between January 29th through February 2nd, 2018. CSF is planning for more projects and events through the entirety of the year, so don’t miss out.

On a lighter note, the club meeting for Asian American Alliance club was very amusing. The club’s main focus is to spread knowledge and awareness of all the Asian countries and their cultures. Each meeting has a theme focused on one country, and this past Wednesday, Japan was the country celebrated during the meeting. The officers of the club prepared a ‘Popin’ Cookin’ event where the members of the club divided into teams and made miniature versions of doughnuts, ice cream, and even sushi. After giving an overview of Japan and their culture the president of the club, Justin Carrasco, ‘19, was ready to get right into the fun of the meeting.

Carrasco talked about club t-shirts, which are $13, and reminded members that the bill is due on Friday the 8th. The club so far has done the most to spread more knowledge of Asian cultures and customs through these meetings. They are planning to get more involved with the community and are finding opportunities for volunteering, so second semester meetings are important for club members.

Paws for a Cause held a meeting this past Thursday to discuss the future of the club. The club is planning for many fundraising projects, including an event similar to a photo-booth in the quad during lunch where students can take pictures for $0.50 and a chocolate bar sale next semester. To help the the local community, preparation to help volunteer for Visalia’s Valley Oak SPCA has been in talks. The SPCA has moved to a different location, so the members of the club are planning to help them with the opening and caring for the animals.

Since the club had a great turnout with the Halloween Costume Contest for animals, thoughts of a Spring Fashion Show has been discussed and the probability is high. Paws for a Cause promises for the quality of the show to be even better even the prizes, as well. With countless plans and ideas, the club asks members to make sure to attend the meetings for more information about future events.

With the overviews of the highlight club meetings of the week, Redwood is proven to be active even when winter break is a few days away. CSF, Asian American Alliance, and Paws for a Cause are only a few of the numerous clubs that have significance in the club community of Redwood.

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