Rangers at Winter Formal

Formal is December 2, and Formal took place in the gym at Mt. Whitney High School from 8:00pm to 11:00pm. Students from all high schools in Visalia are getting themselves ready for a fun night on the dance floor.

Ashley Todd, ‘21, is getting herself ready after her soccer tournament. Todd said, “I’m super excited because I didn’t get to go to Harvest. I’m really thrilled because it’s a formal dance and wearing the long dress will be exciting.”

Sophie Terry, ‘18, says Formal is way better than Harvest in her opinion. For Terry, getting ready for this night means getting her nails done and having her mom make the bouquet. Terry is also very excited for this event because it will be her third Formal. Terry said, “What I like about Formal is that we get to dress up and feel like a princess.” Terry said the unfortunate part of Formal is the expenses part, but she ensured that it is worth it.

John Vega, ‘19, says Formal is always a blast. Vega said,  “I had to get fitted for my tux and a haircut.” Vega is very eager for Formal because he’s in a group with all of his friends. This is the second time Vega will be attending the dance. Vega said, “I like what you have to wear and the pictures that go with it.”

Emma Ruth, ‘18, loves getting dressed up. Ruth’s schedule includes having a makeup appointment, having her friend Sara do her hair, and then pictures at 4:30. Ruth doesn’t like the cold during Formal. Ruth said,  “Honestly I don’t think the tickets are that expensive, especially for a dance like this.”

David Hipskind, ‘21, attended Formal for the first time. Hipskind said, “I’m excited because I get to hang out with a lot of my friends, and it seems like fun.” Hipskind said he likes the fact that the dance is such a formal attire.

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