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The Finals Are Coming!

As finals begin, people start to get stressed out. It is easy to become overwhelmed with flashcards and study packets, however, almost all of Redwood feels the same way. With finals coming closer and closer, students at Redwood are looking to find study groups and easy study methods to be prepared for their semester finals.

Chris Hernandez, ‘19, has been at this for 3 years, but has still not mastered the art of the final. “Finals are in two weeks, I’m already stressed… I’m going to tutoring for some of my classes and asking teachers for help and other students for help.” Hernandez said studying with friends can be really helpful. He frequently goes out for coffee with friends and brings his textbooks.

For some, finals are this familiar stress-filled three days that seem to get harder every year. However, for someone who went to a K-8 and has not experienced a final, they can be a lot different, with those students not really knowing how to handle them.

Justin Coleman, ‘21, is one of those who attended a K-8 and has been trying hard in his classes in order to do well on his finals. “I’m just making sure I stay on track in class… I study out of my textbooks, use my past homework and make flashcards.” Coleman said.

Amador Bautista, ‘18, said that he usually waits for teachers to give him a study guide, which helps him study and prepare to the tests. He suggests going back into the book and study past lessons. He feels that everybody should be ready for their tests, as finals are next week.

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