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What has Redwood’s Ranger Band up to? Recently, they have attended competitions, like the Selma Band Review, and they even went to the Lodi Band Review on November 4th. They won numerous titles at these events and are happy to represent Redwood.

Marching band competition season is over for band now and they have made many great achievements during the season.

Taking pride in their accomplishments Derrick Chau, ‘19, a french horn player, said, “We were able to win multiple awards, including Grand Sweepstakes, at the Selma Band Review.” The team took home around 11 awards at this event that were taken back to Redwood. Chau concluded that he was proud of his team and they are continuing to practice for future events.

More focused on the Lodi Band Review, the members have acknowledged that it was a really tough competition, which resulted with no awards. Ranger Band traveled a long trip to the Bay Area for the review.

Alexis Oliva, ‘20, a flute player, said, “I wouldn’t say that Lodi was the best experience for Ranger Band, but we had fun. We did expect the results we had received because the other bands were mostly from the Bay Area and they were all extremely talented and skilled.” Since it is Mr. Bettencourt’s last year at Redwood, Oliva promised that Ranger Band has been trying their best to make it memorable for him.

More intel on his leave can be found at :

The busy life of being a Ranger Band member does not stop even when competitions are over. They recently marched in Visalia’s Christmas parade, and with the awards the won sitting on their trophy self, they are continuing to practice for future events, including their annual home tour and their winter concert in December.

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