Do You Still Believe in Santa?

Many children throughout the years have been told that there is a Santa; a guy that goes down our chimneys on the night of the 24th of December and leaves us presents. However, some kids have always known that there is no such thing. Do some young adults still believe in Santa? And if they do, when is it too late to stop believing in him?

Alicia Gonzalez, ’17, said that she doesn’t believe in Santa. She said, “I had to say at age 11 [is when you stop believing in Santa]”.

Felicia Trevino, ’18 , said, “ No, I don’t think there is a certain age to stop believing, but a [particular] mindset. I believe you should stop believing once you are old enough to fully understand that Christmas isn’t just about receiving gifts. Christmas is about relationships with the ones you love and appreciating the gift of life”.

Ariana Gonzales, ’18, said, “No I never believed in Santa. It definitely depends on the parents”.

Breanna Elizondo, ’18, said, “I personally do not believe in Santa because growing up, the information I heard about Santa changed. I stopped believing, but that does not mean that just because some kids stop believing, every one else should. The age I think kids stop believing in Santa is 7 or 8″.

I do not believe in Santa anymore because I can understand now what the purpose of celebrating Christmas is. I don’t think there is a certain age people should stop believing though, I think everyone usually stops believing usually before or in middle school and high school.

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