What to Get Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend for the Holidays

Do you ever wonder what to get your boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas? With Christmas in less than a month, you are going to want to give gift for all the people you care about. You cannot forget your girlfriend/boyfriend though! Girls, guys are difficult so here are eleven things that could help you decide what to get him.

  1. A colorful water speaker: guys would probably use this while they were doing their homework, taking a shower, or even having his friends over.
  2. Sports hoodie: you could get them a hoodie of their favorite sports team. It is cold so you want them to stay warm. Also, make sure it is soft so you can just steal it later.
  3. Wallet: get him a nice wallet that will last a good while to keep all of his money in.
  4. Picture: if you are a sensitive girlfriend then get him a picture of you guys on a trip or someone memorable. Make sure to pick out a nice frame to go with it.
  5. Food!: food for a guy is never a bad idea. Get him his favorite treat, candy, or even meal. Remember it is the thought that counts.
  6. Guys, girls are difficult! Girls, you have to admit it. So here are five things to get your girlfriend.
  7. Necklace: Get her a necklace with the date you guys started dating or maybe her initial
  8. Perfume/Candle: Find out her favorite scent for perfume or a candle.
  9. Fuzzy Blanket/Socks: Costco has the best fuzzy blankets. Target also has good fuzzy socks. You want your girl warm
  10. Personalized Phone case: If you and your girlfriend have a favorite picture together, then there get her a phone case with that picture on it
  11. Gift Card: A gift card to her favorite store is never a fail. It is lazy but you just did not want to get her the wrong thing

Whether you receive a materialistic gift or not, the holidays can always be an entertaining time with whoever you’re with!


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