Students of the Season

Student of the season is an award given to two students because of their outstanding accomplishments. These students work hard and participate in a lot of school activities beyond academic achievement.

Leslie Arellano, ’19, was selected to be a student of the season because of her accomplishments. Arellano said she is very honored and proud to be a Ranger. Arellano said, ”I achieved this accomplishment because I show love and care for my school. I try to get involved as much as can.” Arellano has participated in musicals and has helped organize Homecoming and Cowhide. Arellano said the ceremony was pretty cool, yet nerve wracking. She said she felt amazing and happy when she heard what they had to say about her. She had her mom, dad and her brother, who just came back from Korea, there to support her. Arellano said, “What makes me standout is that everything I do, I try to make it fun and try not to make it so serious.”

Chris Hernandez, ’19, was also selected to be a student of the season. Hernandez was really honored to receive this recognition. Hernandez added that what makes him standout is his hard work and dedication in the classroom, outside the classroom, and in the community. He thought the ceremony was really cool because there was 4 or 5 students from each high school, and it made the award a lot more meaningful. His mom, dad, two brothers, and grandparents were there to support Hernandez as he received the award.

The award was a great recognition moment for Hernandez and Arellano, as Redwood selected them to be the two students who represent what being a Ranger really means.

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