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It’s Christmas Time in Visalia!

Every year, Christmas is looked forward to by many, with most people starting their decorations earlier than need be. Christmas is a special holiday for family members across states, and countries, to gather around and have fun singing carols and exchanging gifts. Christmas is a majority of people’s favorite holiday for that reason. It is a time to reflect on the year as a whole and patiently wait for a new one. For a jolly time of the year, people are putting their lights up faster than Santa’s sleigh.

Shannon Yang, ‘19, said one of her Christmas traditions is the egg rolls her mom makes and that she loves having a Secret Santa with friends. “After Thanksgiving I started decorating, but we’re waiting till after school today to decorate outside. I think people forget Thanksgiving is a thing and they go Black Friday shopping instead, which is kind of sad. As I get older Christmas does get less fun because I sort of don’t care anymore, which sounds bad, I know.” Yang said Christmas is a time to give thanks, much like Thanksgiving, and a time to have fun with family.

Daniela Martinez, ‘21, said she has only decorated inside so far and people tend to decorate early because they want their homes to look nice when family arrives even before Thanksgiving. “Christmas, for me, has gotten better because you finally understand the true meaning behind why we celebrate Christmas. As a tradition, I make tamales with my grandma every Christmas break. We basically all get together and make food. Besides the fact that knowing Santa isn’t real, I actually participate in the decorating.” To Martinez, Christmas means joy, laughter, and how people get together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Tea Konishi, ‘21, said her family spray paints the pumpkins they did not carve for Halloween and make them Christmas colors decorations. “I started decorating this weekend after Thanksgiving. People gives them an option because they can buy decorations earlier to get ideas and decorate after Thanksgiving is over. I love Christmas, it never gets old. It’s a time to spend with family that they can’t see very often because it’s such a give holiday.” When Konishi thinks of Christmas she thinks of decorations, hot chocolate and cookies.

Daniela Noricumbo, ’20, said she has only started decorating outside so when people come over they can appreciate the lights. “Some people put lights up for Thanksgiving as well. Christmas doesn’t feel any different for me because depending on your perspective of things, you can focus on receiving and not have any fun instead of giving. In our house we have a Christmas tree and then baby Jesus and Mary. The more I’ve gotten older the more fun it’s been because I do more.” Noricumbo said Christmas is spending time with her family and a really appreciating that they are there.

Overall, Christmas is a holiday where people can give and receive, as well as bond with family whom some do not see everyday. With the cold weather outside, it is a good time to just drink hot chocolate or apple cider and relax after a stressful week of finals. Happy Holidays!

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