Is It Too Warm For Winter Clothes?

We asked Rangers this question: is it too warm to wear winter clothes to school? Many of them agreed that it is cold enough already to wear winter clothes. The main problem is that it is really cold in the morning, but the afternoon seems to warm up. Students are often conflicted about to what to wear, for the weather seems to be extremely bipolar.

The temperature is typically anywhere between 40 degrees to 60 degrees. Students like Marcus Hernandez, ’21, said, “No it’s definitely not too hot for winter fashion, it has been very chilly and it’s appropriate”. He agrees with the majority population of Redwood that it is already cold enough for winter clothing.

Another student Devennie Rodriguez, ‘21, said, “ You could wear any type of long sleeve shirt or sweater with close toed shoes or boots. [You can also wear] pants or leggings.” She also claimed that the types of clothes you should wear are mid fall/early winter clothes.

Melina Soriano, ’21 said, “You should start wearing them when it gets less than 70 degrees.” Soriano believes that after this temperature drop, it’s never too early to wear winter clothes.

Many students like Larry Nelms, ‘21, said, “I wear a lot of long sleeves plus sweaters and warm stuff”. Like other students from Redwood, Nelms agrees with the fact that you wear warm stuff and when it gets cold enough for your judgement. 

Overall, winter clothes can be worn at this point, as long as you just wear longs sleeves, pants with boots, and closed toed shoes. You can wear winter clothes from anywhere under 70 degrees below.

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