Finals are Coming, Are Your Grades Ready?

As semester 1 is slowly coming to an end for Redwood students, how are grades looking up for them? While some are excelling in their classes with the maximum amount of effort putting in, many others are struggling to get straight A’s. How will they fix this to get their grades up?

Nick Herrera, ’20, is not happy at all with his grades. However, he thinks that if he puts in the effort to study and do homework, he thinks he will get those grades up greatly. He says, “I need to take the time and thoroughly learn the concepts to effectively get my grades up. I am confident in doing that for the next three weeks.”

Ryan Hemphill, ’20, is also struggling in some of his classes. He mentions, “Sure, I want to get my B up in AP European History, but the question is how? I will need to work harder than before and constantly look for ways to get extra credit.”

Daniela Norricumbo, ’20, is a hard working student, having straight A’s, but is not satisfied with her English and Math grade. She says, “During English I have to understand the prompt and what the teacher asks or expects of the students. Once I do that then I should be able to get an A. But in math I need to understand and memorize all the equations.” Also, one of her biggest problem is her confidence. She says, “I also need to have a tad more confidence. I doubt myself on the mental stability, [which] stops me from reaching my full potential.”

Colton Hansen, ’19, says, “All my classes have been pretty easy so far this year. You just have to put in the time and effort to get good grades for any classes. I am taking 3 AP classes this year, and I think if I manage my time wisely, my grades will go up in the next three weeks.”

Trevor Henderson, ’20, has very high grades for his classes. His advice to people is that they need to stay focused. He says, “It’s all about their mindset. I know so many people that are brilliant and they choose not to pay attention in class or hardly do any assignments. They are not willing to take the extra step.”

Overall, there are definitely ways to get grades up in the next three weeks. Taking the time to study, being confident, being patient, and having full engagement in classes are the preferable options in boosting those grades up.

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