Why Should You Donate Blood?

On Tuesday, November 28th, Redwood hosted a blood drive to collect blood for hospitals and people in need. Many Rangers were able to give blood to the blood drive this year.

Giving blood is one of the most precious gifts you can give to another person. The decision of giving blood can save a life or many other lives. One main reason people give blood is because they want to help others. Although it might seem frightening to some, the discomfort is no where near the pain that some people feel when they are actually in need of that pint of blood.

Another reason why people should donate blood is because the valley is fairly limited to the different blood types. As we know, there are a variety of blood types and some don’t get as much as the others. That’s why we need more people to donate.

A blood donor must be healthy before giving blood. A person burns 650 calories every pint of blood donated. They burn the calories as the body is working to replenish the given blood. Although there are many benefits to donating blood, the people who benefit the most from giving blood are regular donors. Donors are able to give whole blood or components of blood.

Every year Redwood is able to put on a blood drive to help people in need. Many other Visalia schools put on blood drives yearly as well. Students must be 16 years of age to give blood and they must be healthy in order to give blood. They also must prepare the night before to give blood.


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