Redwood Hosts Blood Drive

On November 28th, Redwood High School held their first blood drive of the year. About 60 Rangers participated in donating blood. A lot of work, communication, and planning goes into hosting a blood drive. Central California Blood Center came in around 8:00 am to set up the stations.

Valisity Vargas, ‘18, was the person who organized the Blood Drive, and she got the Central California Blood Drive at Redwood High School by remaining in contact with them. Vargas said, “It was a lot of phone tag with the people from the blood drive, but we were on the same page at the end of the day.” Vargas said it was very important to publicize to ensure that Redwood continued to give back to the community.

Colin Watamura, ‘19, had also been working pretty hard to get the Blood Drive together. Watamura said, “I shadowed Valisity because she had a lot more experience than I did, but I hope to continue keep Blood Drive’s next year.” Watamura also said, “It’s important that people know the requirements because a lot of people are not able to, but the fact that they come and make the effort to try is really awesome.”

Yolanda Campos, ‘19, donated earlier that day. Campos said even though she has donated before, she was a little nervous about the needles. Campos said she first heard about the annual blood drive with seeing posters around school. Campos said she prepared by drinking plenty of water and eating the right meals. Campos said she is a proud donor, and she is very excited for the upcoming blood drives.

Jada Shelley, ‘19, has always been very passionate about giving blood. Shelley said, “It’s an easy way to give back to my community.” Even though she is a regular donor, Shelley has a fear of being turned down to donate because of the many requirements a donor must meet. Shelly said she had quite an experience giving blood this time. Shelley said, “Needles have never been an issue for me, but my needle popped out and started gushing spurts of blood.” Shelley was still able to donate successfully, and she plans to continue to donate in the future. 

Redwood High School ASB is also hoping to host another Blood Drive next semester in hopes of getting even more donations!


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