Rangers Take the W at Taylor’s

The annual hot dog eating contest took place at Taylor’s Hot Dogs, Redwood against Mount Whitney. Redwood’s participants were Madison Brown, Javi Martinez, Gavin Medina, Coach Bonner, and Mr. Shin.

Gavin Medina, ‘18, describes how it different than he thought he would be. Medina said, “It was really gross. The hotdogs had ketchup, mustard, relish, and chili on them which was really different than I thought.” Medina said, “My friends Mikey and Chris were there yelling my name and the football team too, so it was pretty cool.”

Redwood took home a victory and won against Mount Whitney in the hot dog eating contest. The crowd’s energy hyped up the participants and kept them eating the hot dogs.

Jason Hruby, ‘19, was in band and a watcher of the hotdog contest. Hruby said he hyped up the contestants and who ate the hot dogs the fastest. Hruby said, “I was in band, and I was hyping everyone up with the music and screaming ‘Let’s go’. I think Principal Shin shoved down the hot dogs the fastest.”  

Madison Brown, ‘18, ate 5 hot dogs and explained to us what kept her motivated and going. Brown said, “The crowd’s energy definitely kept me going, and my whole cheer team out there cheering me on. It was really cool hearing them wanting me to win.”

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