Wait – What About Thanksgiving?

On Thanksgiving, you get to eat all you want and for Christmas you get an abundance of gifts-but more often than not, people skip right over Thanksgiving  and focus on everything Christmas. Both holidays are fun-but weighing both on a scale, Christmas is more festive and better than Thanksgiving.

Christmas offers more things to do, one being a specific genre of music. Thanksgiving doesn’t provide people with “thanksgiving themed” songs. If you type “Thanksgiving songs” in the search bar, a majority of the songs are either songs for kids to learn about the holiday, or it’s about turkeys or even a comedic song about the holiday. Now, with Christmas, the songs are way more festive and have variety. It ranges from classics like “The Dean Martin Christmas Album” or Bing Crosby’s “Santa Claus is coming to Town” or Jackson 5’s “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”. If classic Christmas songs are a bore, many pop artist created a Christmas album sometime in their careers. Christmas songs are one of the reasons why people skip over Thanksgiving.

The decorations between the holidays don’t even compete with one another. The decorations for Thanksgiving are minimal and don’t offer much. The decorations consist of fall leaves, pine cones, turkey’s, reefs hung on doors, and other nature decorations. Don’t get me wrong, if done right, the decorations for Thanksgiving are beautiful; but Christmas is literally ‘lit’ because of the hundreds of lights that are strung up on people’s homes with either the classic red and green or whatever other color in the rainbow. Also, if you’re trying to be extra, you can even decorate the lawn with animatronics and even putting some on the roof.

There are also more things to do for Christmas meaning to celebrate. People go caroling, decorate a Christmas tree with the family, go out and see other homes decorated with lights, see Christmas performances, and of course-the cheesy Christmas movies that play on TV. Thanksgiving focuses more on the idea of gathering around the table and eating with the family. There are more things to do during Christmas.

Even though Christmas is overall more festive than Thanksgiving, they are still great holidays to spend with family. Christmas always wins the debate on “wait what about Thanksgiving!? We still have a month before Christmas.” People skip over Thanksgiving because Christmas always has something festive to offer and duh the music!

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