How Rangers Spent Their Three-Day Weekend

On Saturday, November 11th, 2017 Rangers celebrated Veterans Day. People of all ages spent their day doing a variety of activities.

Jayden Diaz, ‘21, spent the three day weekend with his family and said, “I didn’t do much. I had a barbecue with all my friends and family there.” He also stated that, “I really appreciate this extra day off because I get an extra day to catch up on all of my work.”

But the fun didn’t stop with freshman, Alec Harrington, ‘19, had a weekend full of fresh air, green trees, and adrenaline. When asked about his weekend, he told the Redwood Gigantea, “I went hiking. It was really nice. It was kind of hot but I had fun with my family. The next day I went to Six Flags. I spent the whole day there. It was super fun but really tiring with all the walking. It was really nice having the three day weekend to recover from everything.”

Whether it was honoring all the men and women who fought for the country or having a fun time with family, it’s safe to say the three day break was well needed and deserved.


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