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Top Ten: Ranger’s Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Click the link to find out what Thanksgiving foods Rangers love! Top Ten: Rangers favorite foods!

As Thanksgiving rolls around the corner, Rangers are ready to eat their favorite foods of the year.  Students at Redwood are very excited for Thanksgiving and the traditions that are held inside. Most students have a favorite food that they look forward to the whole year, here are the top ten favorite foods that people love to eat on Thanksgiving.

Chris Hernandez, ‘19, who loves hanging out with his family on thanksgiving said, “It gives my family a chance to all come together and eat good food.” Hernandez’s favorite foods are turkey, ham, and raviolis. “My family is very diverse, they all make it differently.” Hernandez said.  

Larry Nelms, ‘21, said that although his family does not make anything that is a tradition, he still loves the holiday. “I like eating on thanksgiving, but only turkey and mash potatoes,” Nelms said.

Brendan Kearnan, ‘18, said, “It [Thanksgiving] gives me a break from school and the ability to spend some time with my family.” Kearnan also said that he loves the traditional turkey and stuffing, but also loves his family’s pineapple casserole. “The fact that they are a tradition now, it wouldn’t be the same thanksgiving meal without them,” Kearnan said.

As Redwood students seem to love the traditional Thanksgiving foods, Brayden Herrera, ‘20, loves Hot Cheetos, Mash Potatoes, and Mac and Cheese. “Some Mac and Cheese, my family makes some bomb Mac and Cheese.” Making Mac and Cheese was a tradition between him and his mom, and it grew as their family did.

Rangers stick to their roots; this also applies to Thanksgiving, they love the traditional foods. With Thanksgiving only a week away, get excited to eat your favorite foods!

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