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CSF Annual Food Drive

The CSF Annual Food Drive provides canned food for the Visalia Rescue Mission and different shelters around the community that provide food and water for people that can’t afford it otherwise.

Addie Hobbs, ‘18, the CSF President, plays a huge role in the organization of the canned food drive. Hobbs said, “Mrs. Cheatwood’s room is almost full, but we still hope people can donate more food, because more is better.”

Redwood students keep bringing in more and more food, which is very good because a lot of people really do need these supplies in order to celebrate Thanksgiving and provide for their families.

“We don’t have an actual goal, but we just try to fill up the back of Mrs. Cheatwood’s room with bags. We hope to get a few dozen plastic and paper bags full of canned food,” Hobbs said when asked if they have a specific goal they would like to meet.

Mrs. Cheatwood is in charge of CSF and keeps all of the canned food in her room.

Mrs. Cheatwood said, “My goal for the amount of food cans that I want us to be able to collect is 22 boxes. That’s been our record for the most amount of canned food that CSF has collected, and it’d be great if we could surpass that amount.” Cheatwood also said, “We have collected more canned food than we did last year, so far.”

As said, a lot of Redwood students have already donated, whether to help out their community or make someone else’s holiday a little bit better.

Abby Billingsley, ‘20, said, “I really want to help people who don’t have as much food. I donated about 10 cans and 3 boxes.”

If you would like to donate, donate to room 108 (Mrs. Cheatwood’s room) as soon as possible.

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