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Why Do Students Go To COS?

After High school, students have to make a decision on going to a four year university, going to a community college, or staying close to home. A fine majority of the class of 2018 has decided to go straight to COS after they graduate from Redwood and for many reasons. Going straight to a four year university is an amazing feat but it isn’t the most practical for everyone.

Kenneth O’Leary talked about his motive on deciding to go to COS next year. “I’m going to COS because I do not want to be in so much student debt and so by going to COS it will help with that.” He also added that so many of his other friends are also going [Valisity Vargas, Carly Vagim, Marcus Olivas] because of the same reasons. O’Leary thinks that so many students go to COS after high school because a lot of these people get homesick and are not very independent. “I wouldn’t really want to leave my house either because I would miss my family,” O’Leary said.

College of the Sequoias.

COS is known as a ‘safe option’ for a lot of students because it’s pretty cheap and students who go are closer to home, letting them be more independent in their education and also be close to their families.

Carly Vagim said, “I plan on going to COS because it’s a really cost-effective way to get your general education done, and I can work while I go to COS and kind of just focus on the things I want to do rather than focusing on paying for rent somewhere else or college expenses in a different city.” Carly also said that a couple of her friends [Kenneth O’leary, Valisity Vargas, and Jenny Suarez] are also attending COS because they all share the same opinion on it. “About halfway through last year I started to consider it and when I got to my senior year I decided that it’s actually what I want to do.” For Carly, it’s a lot easier and there’s no stress for applying to colleges.

When a student decides to go to COS after high school they can get into a UC program where they basically have a guaranteed spot at any participating UC school after COS, like UC Davis.

Skyla Rice decided to go to COS right after high school because it just seems like the less expensive way to go and smarter because instead of going to a UC she can get all her general studies done and then transfer to a UC or a larger college. Usually a lot of kids go to COS after high school. It’s an easier choice instead of going out of state or going far away from home, people might want to stay close to their family. “I actually hated the thought of going to COS after high school, I thought ‘I want to get out of Visalia’ but after my parents told me ‘You’re paying for college’ I had to rethink. It’s a smart choice,” Rice said.

Ely Garcia said that in this day in age the whole just of going to college is not worth it. “Nowadays people think that you need to go to a university to get a good paying job but honestly the internet is so connected now that you can just display your work online, show what you’re good at, and if you can be reliable enough you can get any job you want. The majority of my friends are planning on going to universities but I have a good amount of close friends that are going to go to COS just because it’s cheaper, it’s the same education, and you could transfer. Not everyone can afford all that money for university tuition. Employers wouldn’t really care to see like ‘Oh he went to Harvard, that means that he’s way better’ rather than a guy who transferred to Fresno State, it’s the same thing. They don’t care where you go to school, they care about if you’re qualified in what you do and if you’re good at it. I actually plan on applying to 4 different CSU’s and 1 UC. The only CSU I’ve applied to so far is Fresno State and San Jose, just in case I can get a lot of scholarships and pay my tuition then I’d go, but as of right now I don’t have that money.”

Everyone has their reasons for choosing which college to go to, either it being money, the thought of getting homesick, or being unaccepted. These students have to make the best decision for their future and in this case, COS is a great option for those who maybe don’t want to be financially burdened and closer to home. Paying tuition is a heavy burden on a student fresh out of high school; it can feel like they’re being thrown into the world. It’s prime time for these seniors’ education and they’re bound to be successful in the long run.

Written by: Leah Navarro and Kaleah Syvirathphan

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