Should You Buy A Senior Ad?

Is the price for a senior ad reasonable per each deadline? This topic has sparked a debate between seniors on whether or not this small page for recognition is affordable or not at this point in the year. 

The old deadline before October 31st was half a page for $180 and a quarter page for $90. The new price for the upcoming deadline is half a page for $195 and a quarter page for $115 due by December 2nd. The last deadline is due by February 3rd which includes a half page for $210 and a quarter page for $130.

Seniors get so busy with finishing up their last year here, keeping up with their schoolwork, sports, clubs, college apps, and so much more that the ad is just another thing. They totally forget about it until after break and before they know it, the price has increased by about $30. They still want to be a part of it though so the buy the ad anyways even though the cost is at it’s peak.

Davis Beavers, ‘18, who already bought his senior ad told me, “I think it’s overpriced. I’m fortunate enough to afford it but other families can’t but they still want their kid to have that recognition just like every other senior.”

Brooklyn Dooley, ‘18, thinks it’s kind of expensive since it’s “about the same as the whole yearbook itself or even more.” She said that seniors have a lot of other stuff they have to pay for already this year so it just all adds up.

Jenny Suarez, ‘18, said that it may seem a little expensive but the staff does a really great job so there’s going to be a good outcome for how much you have to pay.

So what’s the big deal anyways about senior ads? They are a tradition in every yearbook that includes baby pictures, senior photos, and a short note from parents or relatives. It is created by the students’ family and put together in the end by the yearbook staff. Devinne Lubong, ‘18, told me, “It’s a big deal because it’s something every senior looks forward to. It’s your last remembrance and last mark in your high school career.”

Lubong is part of the yearbook staff at Redwood and described the long process to me. Basically, each family fills out a form provided by the school and answer all questions on it such as number of photos, layout design, and contact info. Then it gets sent to the yearbook class who actually make the ad and add it to the yearbook. From there they scan the pictures, get them onto the computers, put them in folders on the drive. They use photoshop and either make their own layout/ design or follow whatever the parents want specifically. They constantly keep in touch with the family to make sure the ad is going exactly how they want.

Although it may seem a little pricey to some people, all the money from the senior ads go towards the program and yearbook itself. It pays off for the book including all the cool features it has to offer. No matter how much students complain about the price, there’s still so many kids who continue to buy them so clearly, they are worth it.

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