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It’s Application Season!

It’s the middle of college application season for Redwood seniors right now as they all stress about making the deadline. The cost per application is a big debate because it varies per college. It’s frustrating for many because students want to keep their options open and have good chances at many different colleges but they don’t want to spend too much money on just an application.

The deadline to get the California State University (CSU) applications in is November 30th and the window has been open since October 1st. This is a struggle for athletes because for those who have later sports, they may not get offers until later in the year. If they wait too long, they won’t have enough time to apply for other colleges. But if they apply for multiple colleges then later get a better and more reasonable offer, they basically wasted that money on colleges they won’t even consider anymore.

A few girls were asked what the price per college application was. The responses were each different depending on the college, but all ranged within $40-$100.

Katie Salazar, ‘18, said that her applications were around $40-$70. Salazar described the whole applying process. “It took around 2-3 days. A day to complete the fill in the information part but around 2 days to write and edit my personal insight questions.”

So not only is the cost a big deal, but also ,the process is very time consuming since it has to be perfect including good, thought out answers to make a student seem more attractive over other applicants.

Audree Camarillo, ‘18, said each one cost $55 per state school and she applied for 3 state schools. “College is a big step and if you’re trying to apply for a good school, then the cost per application shouldn’t be cheap, yet I still feel like this is a pretty reasonable price,” Camarillo said.

Jaylee Robertson, ‘18, said hers were about $70 and she applied to COS, Cuesta, UCSB, FSU, FPU, and UCSD. Robertson said that she personally wished each application was free but since it’s not the case, she thinks it’s still a reasonable price. She also said that it has changed her mind from applying to a college because she would rather not pay that much for one that she’s not even sure she wants to go to.

Natalie Grijalva, ‘18, said each ranges about $50-$55, some even up to $100 which she hopes it doesn’t get that high since she’s applying to 6 different schools.

The above tweet from Jenny Suarez, ‘18, proves that even though these applications are time consuming, it reminds you that it is just another part of life and students have to prioritize.

FAFSA is a form that can be prepared annually by future college students (undergraduate and graduate) in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid. Even though it’s also time consuming, it’s free and worth it for seniors to apply.

For some students, they hear back from their colleges within a week of applying with a response of whether or not they were accepted. Other schools may have more applicants they have to go through before selecting students. It just depends on how long the whole application process is per school.

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