Fall Sports Four Year Varsity Athletes

Redwood High School’s four year Varsity athletes, walking the lengths of the halls, are legends in the making. These seniors have worked hard all four years to get where they are today and their accomplishments have formed who they will be in the future. 

Drew Stogsdill, ‘18, has been on Redwood’s Varsity football all four of his high school years. Stogsdill said that if he could tell a freshman player one thing, it would be that playing on varsity is a whole different ball game than playing on JV or the Frosh/Soph team. One of his favorite Cowhide memories, Stogsdill said, is being able to experience the game with his teammates. He said that his greatest supporters are his parents and his coach, that they have always encouraged him and pushed him to be the best athlete he can be. Stogsdill has the personal tradition of wearing the same pair of gloves in every game, and never touching them unless it is game day. A special memory Stogsdill holds is doing drills with his team in the pouring rain, was tackled by a senior and landed in the mud. He says the whole team laughed at him and knew that day that the team and him had become like brothers. Stogsdill is planning on playing college football for Oregon. 

Evan Molina, ’18, has been on Redwood’s Varsity boys cross country all four of his high school years. Molina says that if he could tell a freshman runner one thing, it would be to stay dedicated and very committed to the sport, because as soon as you start to slack off you could risk your spot. His biggest supporter is Laykn Branco, a Redwood runner that graduated last year. Molina said that being a part of something like this has been a great experience. He said that being able to be on this team with people he has known ever since he was little has been one of his favorite memories. A superstition of Molina’s is that he does better when he puts his jersey on at the very last minute. His cross country idol is his older brother who had also ran in high school, and he competes against him with the hope of beating his times. Another one of his favorite memories is winning Valley Championships with his team last year. Molina does not plan on running in college. 

Kate Phippen, 18, has been on Redwood’s Varsity girls cross country all four of her high school years. If Phippen could tell a freshman runner one thing, it would be to push through the pain, because at times you will be sore. Phippen’s biggest supporters throughout her four years of varsity are her parents. Phippen is very grateful that she is a part of such a great team and a great yet under estimated sport. One of her favorite cross country memories is winning the Mount Sac meet with her team last year. A superstition of hers is eating a cheese stick before every meet. Phippen’s cross country idols are the seniors who she ran with her four years of varsity, and the people in front of her in a race, which allow her to push herself harder to be a better runner. Another one of her traditions with her team is wearing crazy socks to their meet, and the crazier the socks, the better they will do in their races. Phippen does not plan on running competitively in college, but said she will keep on running to keep in good shape and health for the rest of her life.

Micheal Harris, ’18, has been on Redwood’s Varsity football team for four years. If Harris could tell a freshman football player one thing, it would be to take advantage of every opportunity you have, and to make the best with the time that you have, because the four years go by in a blink. He is grateful for being able to experience four years on varsity, and being able to play with his past and current teammates. Harris’ biggest supporters are his parents, Micheal and Sereena Harris. One of his favorite memories is winning both of the past Cowhide’s he had played in. A superstition of his is wearing a crop top under his jersey every game, like Ezekiel Elliot. Harris’ football idols are Adrian Peterson and Saquon Barkley. Another one of his favorite memories is the Thursdays dinners with his team the night before football games. Harris is planning on continuing playing football in college after graduation.

Jayden Sullivan, ’18, has been on the Varsity football team all four of his high school years. If Sullivan could tell a freshman football player one thing, it is to put in your all. He said that Coach Ball, the Varsity head coach, expects each player’s 100% every down and every play. Sullivan said, “Being a four year Varsity player is such an honor and I’m very thankful for the opportunity.” Sullivan’s biggest supporters throughout his four years have been his parents and his teammates, especially the senior players his sophomore year. One of his favorite memories was being able to play games his sophomore year with his Varsity senior teammates.

Kate Sapasap, ’18, has been on the Varsity women’s tennis team all four of her high school years. If Sapasap could tell a freshman player one thing, it would be to work hard in the sport and try to achieve to make it on the Varsity team, because juniors and seniors on JV will be cut. She said that being on varsity has been an amazing experience and she is honored to have been on the team. Sapasap said, “It’s really amazing being a four year varsity member and I’m really honored.” Sapasap’s biggest supporters were her parents and her sister who would go to every match and inspire her to be a better athlete. One of her favorite memories is playing doubles with her partner Claire Yang, ’19. They have been partners for the past two years, and has taught and inspired Kate. She inspired her to keep her head held high and stay positive during her matches. She always finds a way to make Kate laugh, and whether she is winning or losing, Claire always has her back.

These students have worked hard to achieve their goal. They are graduating this upcoming year, and their talent as well as themselves will be missed and they will always be remembered; they are irreplaceable.

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