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Thank you Mr. Bettencourt!

This year will be the last year for Mr. Bettencourt to be with Redwood band. Even though many teachers leave and some retire, Mr. Bettencourt will always be remembered as a part of Redwood. He has been teaching for 32 years for this school, 37 in total, and had made many accomplishments during his career. However, how did it all start with him?

Mr. Bettencourt has always had a love for Redwood because he had also graduated from it. This is why he desired to come back here and wanted to teach for Redwood Band. In his 5th year of teaching, the position of Redwood and Mount Whitney both opened up for him. He said, “When I went to the interviews, I wanted to come back to Visalia, and get a position there. But I had always considered Redwood first.”

Out of all these years with Redwood, Mr. Bettencourt said that this year is his favorite. He said, “There has always been a few years where it was like a whole team effort. Some years were stronger than the others, but this year is special because I have a large senior class and it will certainly be a memorable experience with me.”

Mr. Bettencourt feels proud for the accomplishments he has made in the past. He said, “I have several students who are band directors right now, probably about 10. I have 5 who are playing in the marine band, and a base player that plays in the Zack Brown Band. Nevertheless, since I’ve been here with Redwood, I think we have grown together and got better each year. I am proud of that the most.”

But how does some of the students feel about his last year with Redwood?

Dylan Diltz ’18, said, “I am thankful for his efforts. His passion of music has definitely shown towards the students throughout the years.”

Ryan Hemphill, ’20, said, “He’s the best of the best. I will certainly miss you. Good job Mr. B, I’m proud of you.”

Overall, many students in Redwood will miss Mr. Bettencourt for his tremendous efforts for this school. He will certainly be a one of the teachers in Redwood to be remembered.

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