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2017 Fall Trends

Everyone loves fall. It’s the season to get out your boots and walk to Starbucks through the fallen leaves. Or to snuggle up with a good book because the weather is getting a bit cooler. So, the question is what’s the latest in what people love most about fall?

Favorite fall Starbucks drinks are between Mocha and Frappuccino, most people enjoy the Frappuccino.

Sophie Wasem, ‘20, said, “I like Frappuccino better because there are a variety of flavors and they are cool and refreshing.”

However, between the choices of boots and Starbucks drinks as their favorite part of fall, most people chose the boots.

The boots are the main fashion option in fall, no matter what year.

Alyssa Urbano, ‘18, said, “I like ankle boots because they can be worn all year round but they go best in fall.”

Some more favorite fashion trends of fall are the different holiday colors. Red, orange, and yellow are the classic fall colors.

Sarai Mata, ‘21, said, “I like red because it’s a color that makes me feel welcome and at home and ready to spend the holidays with my family.”

With fall comes the changing color of the leaves. This change is considered to be pretty to so many people.

Sabrina Bianco, ‘19, said, “I like the color of the leaves because it really corresponds with the weather and makes it feel like fall.”

These trends are classic fall beginnings and this year, so enjoy the fall weather before it turns to winter.

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