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Thank You Veterans

Veterans Day is a day celebrated and honored for the veterans that have served in the military. We take this day off to recolonize and proclaim people that have fought for our  freedom.

Mr. Espinosa has served in the military for a total  years  21 years. The branch that he served in right out of high school for four years was United State Marine Corp. Also seventeen years for Air National Guard. When asked how do he feels about Redwood’s band participating in the Veterans Day parade Espinosa said, “Oddly enough I  have never participated  in the parade.” He said that he feels shy. Espinosa said, “If I would to do it all over again I would. Excellent experience all around. It taught me  and gave me a good  sense of direction  in what I wanted to do in life. But  ultimately just serving my country.”

Mr. Rooney has served in military for 4 years in the United State Navy. Rooney  said, “I think it’s good for the band to be engaging  in the parade.” Not only for the band but also for the community. “It’s a good way to honor the veterans.”

Neftaly Gonzalez, ‘21, band member, said it’s an honor to be in the parade.Gonzalez said, “Going to the parade you see many veterans also come to the parade around Visalia. It’s kinda like paying our respects for all of those who have served in our country.” It takes about 20  minutes to get ready and 10 minutes to march. “It’s our special thing as a band that we do and I think it not only makes us feel positive but also to the family of those who have served in the military and them as will.”

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