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Puppies in Costumes

The Animal Halloween Costume hosted by Redwood’s own Pause For A Cause resulted with a great turnout. The costume contest, that took place on Monday, October 30th, was the attraction of many animals.

One of the dogs (Lola) that participated in the contest.

There were a few club members who volunteered to help set up for the mini fashion show prior to the arrival of the pets.

Aleeyah Lutap, ‘19, helped set up for the show and joined the audience afterwards. She said, “The costume of the animals were what I was looking forward to the most, and the best thing about the show was all the different costumes and animals that showed up. They were all so cute”. Lutap explained how she was glad she helped volunteer and she is planning to enter her own pets in future events of the club.

Numerous animals participated in the show. Although the majority were dogs, there was also an appearance of a pet rabbit and a pet rat. While the rabbit and rat stayed quiet and undisturbed, the dogs had a few barking sessions with one another during the contest. This can be noted as one of the highlights of the show because it resulted with great laughs from the audience.

Each of the contestants received a goodie bag for participating, but the real prizes went to Alexis Wilson’s, ‘17, dog, which won most creative dressed up as a rock star, and Jada Griffith’s, ‘20, dog and rat that paired up and arrived as a racing horse and jockey.

Griffith’s dog, Lola, is a great dane and Griffith thought that she was big enough to make a perfect racing horse. Her rat, Fiji, also helped her finalize the overall costume by being the jockey. Griffith shared her thoughts about her pets winning and said, “I was not sure if Lola and Fiji would win because Fiji had never been on the Lola’s back before, and since Lola is deaf I thought her strong sense of smell would interfere.” Although Griffith had many worries about her pets with no expectations, she won the main category of being first place. Griffith concluded with mentioning how Lola loves the chew toy that was received with the gift, and hopes that there would be a gift fit for Fiji would be included, as well, in future events that she would love to participate in again.

Paws For A Cause hosted this contest as a way of fundraising for the club, and are preparing for similar events in the future. The club wants to thank all the participants and viewers of the show.

They are also selling club t-shirts for $12 that can be pre-ordered in Ms. Laufer’s room, room 94. Pre-ordering will be available until 3:30pm on Friday, November 10th, so club members or anyone who wants to support Paws For A Cause should purchase a shirt before it is too late. More information will be provided on the club meeting that is taking place during lunch on Tuesday, November 7th.

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