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Cowhide Lunch Time Carnival

On Friday, October 3rd, Redwood ASB put on a Cowhide lunch time carnival. Because of the activities going on, students had an 80 minute lunch, 50 minutes longer than usual. Some of the vendors on campus were a Mexican food truck, a Jamba Juice stand, and Planning Mill. On top of the food, clubs around campus set up booths with fun games like pie throwing.

Evan Molina, ’18, said, “I think the carnival could have been better compared to last year. There were very few vendors and service was slow.” However, Molina does sympathize with the process of setting up the carnival because of his experience in ASB last year.

There were kids who showed up to class late because their food took so long. Panda Express and the Chicken and Rice Lady were scheduled to show up, however they never did.

Despite some of the negative outlooks, Jillian Mashler, ’21, said, “The carnival wasn’t that bad, the food was good. It was as packed as I thought it would be. They had tacos and pizza with lots of games.

Gavin Medina, ’18, said, “I feel that the carnival overall was a success and many students enjoyed it. I liked that students could earn spirit gear through the games. What could have been better was the number of food vendors. It was a different experience for sure but I enjoyed making it all come together.” Medina says that there were a number of positive responses from kids.

Despite the number of positive or negative responses, the carnival was a great way for the Rangers to show their school pride! Many people put a lot of effort into making it enjoyable for everyone. Remember, you can’t HIDE our PRIDE.

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