Redwood’s Cross Country Teams Run to WYL!

 All of Redwood’s cross country teams, boys or girls, are known to be exceptional, but this seasons teams are definitely special ones. 

On Wednesday, November 8th, all 4 teams will be racing in the West Yosemite League Championships. If the two varsity teams win WYL, they will be competing in the Valley Championships race on November 16th.

Last year, Redwood’s Varsity boys won Valley Championships, and are hoping achieve that once again this year. Because some of their runners had graduated last year, the team will have to work harder to fill their track shoes. They have worked extremely hard all season, whether it was 6 a.m. runs Saturday morning, or 100 degree runs, they would persevere through each practice and put in their all. But is has been evident that the boys get out what they put in. 

Smiley Ramirez, ’18, says, “I am confident that my team will be able to conquer WYL, but I believe that we can at least place second or third at Valley Championships, which would qualify us for State. My goal is to be one of the top finishers in Valley which would allow me to race in State. I am going to keep working hard at practice so I can achieve my goal.”

Maria Barillas, ’18, says, “Redwood’s Cross Country teams are so good because we are fortunate enough to have such an awesome team of coaches, which have helped us all tremendously to create such a successful program. Having a team that is willing to put in all their effort, and work extremely hard has also led us to be as successful as we are.” 

The girls Cross Country coaches, Coach Spragg and Coach Ramirez, push their athletes to break through their limits and work harder than they ever thought they could. Every week, the girls face tough work outs and runs, but because they know it will improve their racing times, the girls put in time and dedication for all the training they go through. 

Throughout the season, the JV girls top 3 runners compete not only against the opposing teams but they compete between themselves for first every meet. Each meet the winner switches, so they are excited to see who will come in first for WYL Championships. 

Make sure to support Redwood’s Cross Country teams and wish them luck as they compete at Mooney’s Grove Park next Wednesday for WYL championships!

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