Rangers Attend a 5am Rally

On October 20th, Redwood had a visit from ABC 30. Rangers showed up at 5am, and they were still were louder than ever. The school was enthusiastic and made a great news presence.

The rally was a great success, despite it being so early in the morning. ASB worked hard to set up and prepare the rally. Kenneth O’Leary, ‘18, is the Redwood ASB President. O’Leary said, “All of ASB has been working hard this whole week for this and for the game tonight so it should be a super fun time.”

The rally was enjoyable and many of the students enjoyed watching the dance and cheer performances. Katelynn Alvarez, ‘21, said, “I wanted to come to the rally to support my school and for [Rangers] to all just be together as one big ranger family.”
ABC 30 filmed for the entire rally, and the film crew were very impressed by the amount of school spirit Redwood showed off.

Chris Hernandez, ‘19, said, “I think it’s a great form of spirit to be there, and I want to all come together and support our school however early in the morning.”

Overall, the rally was a great opportunity for kids to take part in their school. Although to come to the rally we had to wake up very early, it was still a blast. Many students enjoyed opportunity to be on tv and show how much spirit their school has.

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