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Haunted Vista Building

October is a very terrifying month that is filled with scary corn mazes and haunted houses. On October 25th, Link Crew hosted their very annual haunted house for Rangers. It was held in the Vista building, and Link Crew decided to make it American Horror Story themed.

Mrs. Wall, Link Crew advisor, gave her opinion  on what she thought about the success of the haunted house. Mrs. Wall said, “The haunted house went off without a hitch.” Wall said she was very proud of the kids from Link Crew because they improved so much from past years, and she said they did an amazing job with decorations. Wall also said, “The kids wanted to pick their own theme, and they chose American Horror Story. They combined all the seasons of AHS into one and picked that as their theme.”

Kaylee O’Neill, ’21, said that she had a lot of fun at the haunted house. O’Neill added that the scariest part to her was the guy in the wheelchair because it was very creepy to her. O’Neill said, “It wasn’t that scary because I don’t get scared easily.” O’Neill thought the decorations were very good, and she also thought that they did amazing at scaring people.

Sabryna Hernandez, Link Crew member, said she had an amazing time scaring people with her mask and loved seeing their reaction. Hernandez said, “I was surprised at how many people showed up and that made me so happy.” She really loved all the decoration they did and was happy to help.

Perla Lopez, ‘21, said, “My favorite part of it were the twins because they really creeped me out.” Lopez added that it was a good night because she had her friends, so when it got scary she would hold on to them.  Lopez said, “I think Link Crew did a great with everything like the costumes, decoration, and the scaring.”

Link Crew did a great job at contributing to the spooky season, and Rangers can’t wait to see them top this next year!

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