What’s the Point of Having Staff Development Days on Mondays?

For a long time, 9am has been the first period start time on Mondays. This allows students to have a smooth transition into the school day from a two day weekend. This has been very beneficial, but what happens when a staff development day also occurs on the same day?

Ali Mashael, ’20, loves Staff Development Mondays. He said it occurs because, “Teachers collaborate or something. Because I don’t have to be at school, I can take a nap from 1-3pm.”

Nick Herrera, ’20’ said, “These kinds of days give people time to finish any undone work.” An anonymous student in Redwood also agreed, saying, “It gives me more time after-school so I can spend more time on homework.”

However, are students actually spending their time wisely? In this case, these students admit that sometimes they don’t spend their time wisely, but are glad that their time at school is shortened.

Also, could there be any improvements that Redwood could make about the schedule we’re having currently? Apparently, there has been an agreement among many students that instead of starting 9am on Mondays, we could start at 8am and instead have a hour lunch break. This allows many students to properly get their lunch and be back to class on time.

Overall, many students would like staff development days to be everyday. They like the fact that they can sleep more, and leave early from school for a more energetic day.

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