We Love Our Seniors!

On Tuesday October 17, Redwood hosted not only their last home game for the season against El Diamante but also their water polo boys and girls senior night. Seniors were recognized in front of the crowd with their families in between the varsity boys and varsity girls game.

Water Polo parents held a massive barbeque for every player on both teams. The parents had also decorated the arena with posters and pictures supporting each and every senior. The players lined up in a corner of the pool, had their named called, where they were attending college, and their favorite water polo memory announced while they walked across the pool with their family, took a picture, and received their basket of personalized goodies.

Addie Hobbs, ‘18, said, “It’s pretty weird that it’s actually happening since I’ve been here for all four years.”

For some of the seniors, this is their last time ever playing water polo and for all of them, it’s their last time playing as a Redwood Ranger.

Koby Ramage, ’18,  said, “It really sucks, I’m going to miss it. Playing here has always been one of my favorite memories and it just sucks to let go.”

Both varsity teams have a close bond with each other.

Cooper Henry, ‘18, said, “We just all love each other, we’re a great team and we have tons of fun together as a family.”

Sophie Terry, ‘18, also described the team as a family and that they are her favorite people at Redwood since she’s known every one of them for so long.

Ramage and Caleb Minnick, ’18, said they love how they could make fun of each other but still laugh it off and that everyone has fellowship and comradery.

Ramage’s favorite memory is being a part of the 2015 Valley Championship team and Minnick’s is “probably singing Seven Nation Army in the Arroyo Grande showers even after we lost.”

Terry said her favorite memories are just “for every little thing we have to do, Davis Locke always complains but it just makes me laugh so hard, ” and that she is definitely going to miss the pasta feeds the night before every game to bond together as a team.

Hailey Pritchett, ‘19, has grown very close with the seniors and when asked what she’s going to miss most about them, she said, “Just simply seeing them at practice everyday. I mean we play together 6 months out of a year and we grow together.”

Both Varsity teams had large crowds cheering them on and especially the seniors as they played their last home game of the season. Both teams won against El Diamante so it made the night even more special.

The Women’s Varsity water polo seniors are Addie Hobbs, Sophie Terry, Davis Locke, Alyssa Harrington, Skyla Rice, Katie Nelson, and Kohl Belanger.

The Men’s Varsity water polo seniors are Koby Ramage, Jonah Burch, Cooper Henry, Caleb Minnick, Garon Gostanian, Ryan Ruggles, Luke Kimball, Garrett Marshall.

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