The Most Talked-About Conspiracy Theories

Why do people make up or believe in conspiracy theories? Is it because they cannot figure out the way the world works? Or is it simply because they are in denial of a lot of things? Here are top ten conspiracy theories.

  1. Reptilians. This is one of the most popular theories because most people think that there are reptiles who can control earthly things, such as how things grow, control over weather, or how things are produced. They are mainly disguised as humans.
  2. Is Miley Cyrus a Reptilian? Linking with the first theory, at a 2013 interview, there was a close up shot of Cyrus when all of a sudden her pupils seem to turn into vertical slits. Cyrus is best known for sticking out her tongue, being naked and the incident with the eyes. Sounds like a Reptilian.
  3. You are reborn. What happens when you die? It all depends on your religion. A majority of people think that after you die, you are reborn as a new human, animal, or a part of nature. This could be a reason why we have deja vu.
  4. Was the moon landing was faked? One small step for man, one giant leap for falseness. There are some signs that lead people to think that the moon landing was fake. Why? In the pictures the American flag seems to be blowing in a type of breeze. In space, there can be no breeze. Also, in photos there seems to be no signs of stars. Lastly, there are a lot of shadowing and lighting. There was not much there to cast those shadows and lights.
  5. Lorde is actually 40 years old. There is no way such a young girl can write and sing songs so deep and depressing. Unless, she is 40 and has already lived almost half her life.
  6. Elvis Presley faked his own death. People claim that they have spotted Presley around towns and cities. Even as an extra in the movie Home Alone. Some say that he was apart of the Mafia.
  7. The earth is (still) flat. “Flat earth” conspiracy theorist think that all evidence was made up. They state that people want to deny the fact that the earth is a continuous flat plain of earth.
  8. Beyonce was not pregnant. Back in 2011 during an interview, Beyonce was wearing a tight dress that showed off her belly. When she walked on and sat down, her stomach seemed to collapse inward. Some say that she was almost stuffing her belly area to seem pregnant.
  9. Hitler is still alive. Obviously, he would not be alive now but Hitler did survive a bomb blast that was suppose to kill him. After the blast went off, a voice sounded very familiar to his, said “I am unhurt and well… A very small clique of ambitious, irresponsible… and stupid officers had concocted a plot to eliminate me…”
  10. The world already ended. Back in July 27, 2014 the world was supposed to end. Maybe it did? What if we were living the “white light”, like when people say “my life flashed before my eyes”. What if our life is flashing before our eyes right now before we actually die?

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