Cowhide Carnival is a GO!

The Cowhide Carnival started last year, this year a question is arising. Is the Cowhide Carnival going to happen?

The Cowhide Carnival was a tradition that was started last year, and it was when clubs got together at lunch on Cowhide Day to host a carnival with booths and food vendors stationed all around the quad.

“It’s sort of like club day… there is a bunch of food venders, there’s a bunch of games and then the clubs come out!” said Kenneth O’Leary

Kenneth O’Leary, ‘18, is the ASB president. O’Leary confirms that there is going to be a carnival this year. O’Leary said ASB is hoping that the Cowhide Carnival will become an annual occurrence, if the students want it. O’Leary said, “We plan on doing it every year from now on at Redwood. It’s sort of like a tradition now, as of last year.”

Ms. Aguilar, Redwood’s activities director, tells us her newfound opinion on the topic. Aguilar said, “It had a really great turnout, and we got some really positive reflections and feedback about it. I didn’t foresee an issue about it.”

The Cowhide Carnival is expected to occur on Friday, November 3rd in the quad. The carnival means that lunch will be longer than usual, so make sure to come out and support the clubs!

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