Move Over Harvest, Here Comes Formal!

The Harvest dance was a success. Now, dresses are being hanged up and tuxes being packed away, but not for long because winter formal is almost a month away, but are these dances too close together?

Last year, winter formal was usually in January; but now, it’s being held on December 2nd. Now that it is in December, it does technically count as a winter dance but it is still way too close to harvest.

Dances cost money, and that doesn’t include the $25-$45 tickets. Students have to buy dresses and guys have to get a tux. Some students may be on a type budget and can’t afford two dresses or tuxes in the span of three months. Besides the attire, some students like having dinner before or after the dance. They might not have a problem spending around $80 for dinner but may not be able to do that again for formal.

Asking someone to formal may also be problem because what if the date for harvest was a bust. Re Asking someone in the span of one and half months can be a challenge because what if no one is available to go? Or even worse, what if the date went great but for formal you want to go with a different group of people and now you have to tell your previous date it’s over. A Lot of what ifs but they are concerning.

Harvest and Winter Formal are too close together. However, no matter the span of time between the dances, it’ll still be a blast.

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